Fouga Magister

1/32nd scale


Already for quite some time the Fouga Magister was planned to be done as a model by DACO, originally in 1/48th scale but as Kinetic and AMK released theirs meanwhile, I decided to enlarge all files into 1/32.
Basically this meant to redesigns all parts with more details...

This kit will contain more than 450 parts, with separate engines, detailed guns and other armament, specific parts for the various versions, but most of all: it is accurate !

Sprue layouts are now finished and the tooling will be started soon.
Meanwhile I'm still running the market research / questionnaire regarding the kit's price, which you can find below the preview pictures...

Here are already some preliminary sprue layouts :



To have an idea how big the interest in this kit might be,
and at what price, I would like to ask you to let me know it ...

The Fouga will be released as one box with four (maybe even five?) cockpit versions:

* French Armee de l'Air
* Belgian Air Force (early version)
* Belgian Air Force (late version)
* German Luftwaffe
* Israeli (early version) - not 100% confirmed

All with their correct cockpit instruments and radio compartment.

Decals are still to be done, but a nice selection of various Air Forces will be given.

Just select one of the price ranges, the quantity you might want to obtain
and send all info to me by completing the shopping cart.
(no additional amount will be added in your basket)


Price range between
 . .

50 - 67,50 euro
sorry, too cheap  

67,50 - 75 euro
sorry, too cheap  
75 - 87,50 euro  
87,50 - 100 euro  
100 - 112,50 euro  
112,50 - 125 euro  
125 - 137,50 euro kit will be cheaper ...  
137,50 - 150 euro
kit will be cheaper ...

(PS: only clicking one of the above selections does not transmit the selection to DACO,
your choice is only send to me by completing the 'shopping cart' (in the top left corner) ...
As mentioned, no to-be-paid-order is made by doing so as all selections have a 'zero euro' value )

Thanks !


The polls so far are (01/02/18):

Price range between
Single votes Total Quantity

50 - 67,50 euro
8 25

67,50 - 75 euro
8 10
75 - 87,50 euro 13 14
87,50 - 100 euro 31 38
100 - 112,50 euro 12 17
112,50 - 125 euro 17 25
125 - 137,50 euro 1 1
137,50 - 150 euro 5 7


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