Danny Coremans

Uncovering the

Lockheed Martin F-16 A / B / C / D


The first in the series DACO's "Uncovering the..." books, introduces the Lockheed Martin F-16 A/B pre-MLU, F-16 A/B MLU and F-16 C/D Block 40.
Never before had there been such a detailed book about the F-16 with more than 500 colour photos and that includes 4 large foldout pages (85cm / 21.5" long) with 1/72nd & 1/48th scale and the various cockpit layout drawings. This book measures 21cm x 24cm (8.25 x 9.50 inch), contains over 128 pages.

The 2001 publication is now being reprinted !
Includes all original pictures, but all of them have gone through Photoshop to improve their colours and the layout has been completely revised too...
Printed at only 1000 copies, so get yours before it's sold out again!

(release date mid November 2019)

NEW: Pack of 10x bookmarks for all of your DACO books:

F-16 Book price: 29,75 Euro  
Pack of 10 Bookmarks 2,50 euro  
(2019 edition)

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Jan. 2023



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Every detail of the F16 is photographed!

Some of the F-16 MLU cockpit photographs:

8 pages are dedicated to the F-16 C/D cockpit alone!

Main Landing Gear wheel bay...

17 pages of the F-16C in maintenance

External stores, from all angles

A very complete overview of numerous types of armament

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